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Sparring-Partner by Zukunftbureau Kilchberg

You bring the challenge, the idea or the vision and together we work out the concrete next steps, the strategy, the prototype, the test scenario or look for the right partners.

Facilitation by
Boost2Rethink Collective

Empowering individuals and whole groups to think for themselves, to come up with new insights, a shared understanding or plan is incredibly fascinating. Whether in Design Sprint, with OKR, Liberating Structures, or with Lego® Serious Play®.

Diversity Empowerment by
WEConnect International

Although 30% of all privately-owned companies are women-owned, women-owned businesses account for less than 1% of the supply chains of large companies and international corporations. As a certified partner of WEConnect in Switzerland, I work to increase diversity in the supply chain.

Knowledge Transfer by ansprechend GmbH

Sharing is caring – and I like to share knowledge. Whether it’s a tool from the digital toolbox, a marketing strategy or the possibilities of virtually driving innovation in a team.

Digitalisation-Knowhow by

Digitalisation enables change just as much as it often makes it difficult. It becomes especially difficult when half-knowledge or ignorance prevails. Because what we don’t understand makes us insecure. Since 2004, the internet briefing has enabled the training and development of digitalisation knowledge – in a practical way, from experts to experts.

Chantal Schmelz - Assessor for WEConnect International
Chantal Schmelz - COO

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