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When I think in terms of solutions, I’m fascinated not only by fixing the problem, but more importantly by asking, “How can we make it even better?” For this reason, I like to bring my experience as an entrepreneur, lecturer, executive, and board member to any project that is backed by an individual or team with a vision for change. What change are you longing for?


Enthusiasts and visionaries are often said to build castles in the air. But, as Thomas Aquinas said: For miracles, you have to pray. For a change, you have to work. I am fascinated not only by the vision of change but also by the path to it. Yes, the future can only be planned to a limited extent, but with focused strategies, the vision always stays in front of your eyes and thus alive. Do you need a sparring partner to pursue your vision with strategy?


Real change does not come about when we persuade others to do so. It happens when we create it together. As a facilitator, I enable people to participate in change processes self-effectively in a short period of time. Be it in Design Sprints, during Lego ® Serious Play ® sessions, or training. What tool are you still missing to shape the future with your team?


That’s me.

After I had always wanted to follow in my grandfather’s footsteps and become a doctor – ever since I could remember – I had to realize at the age of 21 that you don’t necessarily become happy with the fixed idea of someone else’s life in your head. Since then, “entrenched” situations have seemingly magically found me again and again. No, I often didn’t shout “hurray” when the next restructuring was due or something was handed to me with “zero” or “totally run down” status. And given my upbringing and education, I have long tried to make something steady out of all these projects. To bring something to an end. Just the way you do it. But I discovered that I’m not good at managing and that there is no such thing as THE end. It fascinates me far too much to learn how to take seemingly finished puzzles apart into their individual parts and develop something new from them, to accompany people, projects, and organizations in their development. It’s not the one moment that excites me, but how things keep changing. It’s not about “finishing” something or reaching THE goal, but recognizing that living means change and it’s all about what we make of it. ⇒ I am often told that I cannot be grasped, that I do not fit into a pigeonhole, and that I lack a clear positioning. That is so – and that is good. I want to make a contribution to change where I can. Without regard to the limits of a self-created positioning.

How we can work together.

Sparring-Partner by Zukunftbureau Kilchberg

You bring the challenge, the idea or the vision and together we work out the concrete next steps, the strategy, the prototype, the test scenario or find the right partners.

Knowhow Transfer by ansprechend GmbH

Sharing is caring – and I like to share knowledge. Whether it’s a tool from the digital toolbox, a marketing strategy or the possibilities of virtually driving innovation in the team.

Facilitation by Boost2Rethink Collective

Empowering individuals and entire groups to think independently, gain new insights, and develop a shared understanding or plan is incredibly fascinating. Whether in Design Sprint or with Lego® Serious Play®.


You find me in the Doing.

Facilitation / Education

Stand up for Change

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Take over Responsibility

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