Sun, beach – and simply letting yourself drift with the waves.

That’s probably what many have been dreaming of for the last twelve months. After all, we have been dealing with waves almost daily for a year now. But unfortunately in a different way. It is important to avoid contagious waves by all means. Sure, you can have a lot of fun stand-up paddling, but at some point, we’d like to be able to ride the waves.

But how do you actually learn to ride a wave? First with dry practice and in easy water. By avoiding the big waves, in the beginning, you learn two crucial things to be able to safely plunge into the waves later on: paddling and observing. At some point, confidence increases and you take everything you’ve learned on the beach and in the shallows – and dare to go further out.

Transferred to the longing in Switzerland to start surfing now, one should not be careless. So let’s take our experiences from our dry runs and paddling and tackle the third wave professionally. Those who surf the big waves can only do so because previous experience is incorporated.

And although you steer your board as you see fit when surfing, you are not alone in the waves. Everyone wants the greatest possible surfing pleasure for themselves.

Quite comparable to the discussions about relaxing the measures. In the future, waves of contagion – whether Covid-19 or that of the flu – would not have to be avoided again and again with massive restrictions thanks to the knowledge and “paddling skills” gained worldwide. We could ride them in stretches with confidence. But only if we realise that our own behaviour in the wave is not a political statement. We don’t have to impress anyone with it. No, it has to be based on the experiences we had during the pandemic.

And yes, even experienced surfers have unpleasant experiences in the “washing machine” every now and then. Still, no one would say afterward, “Everything I’ve learned about waves so far is useless – from now on I’ll just do what I want.” No, one accepts that natural forces do not adapt to humans – not even when we push against them with all our might.

Published on 18 March 2021 in the Handelszeitung.